About us

EBC Bird 01 sm  23 years of excellence in the Cape Town badminton community.

2017 sees EBC celebrating its 23rd birthday!
In our long and proud history, our members have participated in, and continue to support, social play for the love of the sport, competition in provincial league, as well as local and national tournaments.

 While membership changes over the years, we still have a level of enthusiasm, team spirit, and sportsmanship unmatched in other clubs.

 Our youngest member is 13, and we have a substantial body of fit and feisty youngsters on the court. Several of them have been selected to represent Western Province. (See our Junior Pride page)
Our oldest member is turning 79 this year and is also one of the longest-standing members of the club.

Our first chairman from 1994 is still a member with us!
We have members representatives in the Masters, Silver Eagles, And Gold Eagles.
We currently have about 30 members, which includes our league and social players. We have had visitors from Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Pakistan and Switzerland. Truly an international sport.

 Whatever your age, level of fitness or skill, Badminton is a varied, exciting, and challenging sport. Come and try us out!
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